Colorado is a great place to live if you get into trouble and have to call upon your insurance policy for help, as our state has long been at the forefront of developing insured-friendly law. A recent decision by the Colorado Supreme Court in Schultz v. GEICO Cas. Co., 429 P.3d 844 (Colo. 2018) is […]

Unfortunately, sexual harassment and discrimination are still prevalent in the workplace, but the law does not allow a victim of workplace harassment to recover against his or her employer unless there is prompt reporting of the sexual misconduct. Yet, the “Me-too” movement has shown that women often wait to report sexual misconduct, sometimes for years, […]

We are pleased to announce that Scott Wilkinson was selected as one of the top 40 executives under 40 by the Denver Business Journal. Read More at the Denver Business Journal

Lockton Law Day

Davis & Ceriani shareholder Scott Wilkinson will be giving a presentation titled Common Misconceptions and Mistakes in Construction Contracting, Performance and Disputes at Lockton Law Day on February 7, 2019. This presentation addresses a variety of ways that contractors can place themselves at a disadvantage in the way they negotiate and perform their contracts and […]

For years, employers have made arbitration of employee disputes a requirement of employment by including arbitration agreements in their employment agreements or offers of employment. Often times, those arbitration agreements include class action and collective action waivers—meaning that employees are prohibited from pursuing lawsuits against their employers on a class action or collective action basis. […]