Colorado Overtime and Minimum Pay Standards Effective March 16, 2020, Colorado Overtime and Minimum Pay Standards Order (“COMPS Order”) #36 will go into effect, replacing Colorado Minimum Wage Order #35 and all prior minimum wage orders in Colorado. The COMPS Order sets a new state minimum wage, expands the COMPS Order applicability to all employers, […]

“Coronavirus” (COVID-19) The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (“Coronavirus”) has now reached Colorado and Governor Polis has declared a state of emergency. Colorado employers are wondering how best to protect their employees while also respecting employee rights and maintaining a normal workplace environment. This blog post briefly discusses the U.S. Center for Disease Control’s (“CDC”) recommendations […]

Being charged with a crime can seem overwhelming, daunting, and most of all, scary. If the state of Colorado decides to prosecute you, you will have to make several court appearances, and it may be difficult to know what to do, especially when the laws can be convoluted and confusing. Depending on the charges you […]

Check out Jennifer Tiedeken’s take on gaslighting in the legal field on the Colorado Women’s Bar Associations blog, The 1891, (while you are there, check out what other bloggers have to say about obstacles of legal practice, too!)

Davis & Ceriani’s managing partner, Valeri Pappas, will be presenting at the Colorado Bar Association’s Ethics 7.0 Seminar on November 8, 2019. The presentation will offer techniques on handling complex ethical issues in every day practice. This is a great way for Colorado lawyers to earn all 7 ethics credits in one day. Davis & […]

On May 28, 2019, Governor Jared Polis signed HB-19-1025—known as “Ban the Box” into law. Like many other states, Colorado’s “ban the box” law prohibits employers from inquiring into the criminal history of job applicant initial job applications for potential employees. Laws like these were coined as “ban the box” laws due to employers often […]

Colorado’s New Equal Pay Law

On May 22, 2019 Governor Jared Polis signed the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act (“EPEWA”), scheduled to go into effect on January 1st, 2021. The EPEWA applies to all Colorado employers, both public and private, and offers incentives to employers who proactively conduct self-audits of their compensation policies. Basics of the EPEWA: The EPEWA […]

RECENT EXPANSION OF THE COLORADO CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT Businesses operating in Colorado should take heed of recent revisions to Colorado’s Consumer Protection Act (“CCPA” or the “Act”) that could substantially expand the scope of prohibited conduct and the number of enforcement actions pursued by the attorney general and district attorneys for violations of the CCPA. […]

Colorado is a great place to live if you get into trouble and have to call upon your insurance policy for help, as our state has long been at the forefront of developing insured-friendly law. A recent decision by the Colorado Supreme Court in Schultz v. GEICO Cas. Co., 429 P.3d 844 (Colo. 2018) is […]

Unfortunately, sexual harassment and discrimination are still prevalent in the workplace, but the law does not allow a victim of workplace harassment to recover against his or her employer unless there is prompt reporting of the sexual misconduct. Yet, the “Me-too” movement has shown that women often wait to report sexual misconduct, sometimes for years, […]

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