Davis & Ceriani, PC is hiring an Office Manager/Bookkeeper


The responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Process all invoices (billable and non-billable) for payment through A/P and Tabs programs
  • Process all client payments through Tabs program
  • Reconcile all firm bank accounts
  • Prepare and process bi-monthly and monthly payrolls
  • Prepare monthly financials
  • Prepare annual fixed asset reports
  • Prepare 1099’s
  • Prepare and review annual budgets
  • Monitor cash flow and report to partners
  • Maintain petty cash fund
  • Prepare monthly Receipt Allocation Report
  • Administer partner compensation program
  • Prepare annual partner compensation package of reports
  • Administer company credit card program
  • Process Coltaf trust account transactions in accordance with Coltaf account guidelines


  • Administer Tabs timekeeping system
  • Process monthly WIP reports and final invoices
  • Prepare and maintain Attorney Origination Report
  • Maintain client A/R files with invoices and fee agreements
  • Generate Bill of Costs for matters as requested


  • Interview, screen and hire applicants for office staff positions, including secretaries and receptionist.  Conduct preliminary screening of paralegal candidates.  Assist attorneys in recruitment process for attorney positions as directed.
  • Maintain personnel records
  • Make recommendations for annual staff salary increases
  • Maintain compensation history reports on all personnel


  • Negotiate photocopy and fax machine leases
  • Serve as network liaison and Worldox administrator
  • Serve as administrator for telephone system


  • Assist partner in health insurance renewal process
  • Notify health insurance carrier of new hires, terminations and salary changes
  • Notify terminated employees of state continuation option
  • Notify LTD carrier of new hires, terminations and salary changes
  • Notify employees of eligibility for retirement plans
  • Process retirement plan distributions
  • Prepare bi-monthly and monthly 401(k) contribution reports and send to Milliman
  • Prepare annual participant data worksheet for Milliman
  • Prepare monthly retirement plan reports for trustees
  • Process and track retirement plan interest payments


  • Plan annual holiday party and assist in other functions as needed
  • Negotiate legal research contract with Westlaw
  • Serve as administrator for Lexis Nexis File and Serve
  • Oversee the office supply ordering process
  • Assist partner in the professional malpractice renewal process
  • Assist partner in general liability insurance renewal process
  • Enroll attorneys in CLE classes and submit accreditation paperwork to Supreme Court
  • Monitor attorney CLE credit status
  • Administer parking garage account
  • Coordinate announcements for new attorneys, partnerships, etc.
  • Manage the client gift process
  • Maintain secure documents in safe
  • Ensure website accuracy

Salary range $55,000-$75,000